On a dark and stormy night, not unlike this night… No, that wasn’t it. Around a campfire, near a lake at a sleepaway summer camp… No, that’s not it either. 

Every year we do a countdown to Halloween by watching a horror movie or spooky themed movie each night. It’s been a Billings family tradition for years. In preparation near the end of summer in 2022, we were making our list of movies and Jess requested more creature features “You know, like the Wendigo or El Chupacabra.” Our ever growing movie collection spawned a spooky discussion that spiraled. 

Soon we were discussing what Halloween candies would be approved by the Jackalope (we think he’d like candy corn) or if the El Chupacabra counted as a vampire; if Pumpkin Spice wasn’t so “basic” what would it look like? We’ve wanted to start a spooky little company but have struggled to find the right fit… then it dawned on us. From the Mexican chocolate flavor that fit perfectly with El Chupacabra, we started writing out as many mythic creatures and matching what flavor fit them best. 

After a flurry of mad scribblings (and a few squabblings) Mythic Coffee Company was born! 

We recruited an AMAZING artist to bring our imaginings to life; honestly they’re better than we imagined - we just give a “vibe” and let them create. We only had one rule, no shipping (on US orders) and merchandise should be US sourced - so yes, some items cost a little more, but we think it’s worth it. 

As we grow, we’re expanding our offerings and learning about all the mythical creatures out there! Join us on our journey and don’t forget to tag us on any of the social media outlets, you could be featured on our “Found in the Wild” segments.

  • Jessica | Chief Beast & Owner

    Mythic Mama - The Head Honcho

    Favorite Flavor: El Chupacabra - Mexican Chocolate

    Favorite Scary Movie: 13 Ghosts

  • Chris | Magic Marketing Guy & Owner

    Scary Movie Connoisseur and Pop Culture Dork

    Favorite Coffee: Mothman Bali Blue Moon
    Favorite Scary Movie:
    Halloween III: Season of the Witch

  • Nick | Financial Ninja

    The man behind the money!

    - Will trade skills for coffee

  • Gwen | Lead Gremlin

    The reason we do what we do and our inspiration to keep grinding!

  • Rolo | Mythic Mascot

    Whenever you need someone to brighten your day, this guy will "awoo" your heart strings.

  • Melvin | Graphic Designer of the Dead

    He's captured the vibe of Mythic and built our brand beyond our wildest dreams.

    See His Art Here