Collection: Medium-Dark Roast

Medium-Dark Roasts are roasted several minutes longer than a Medium Roast, until the coffee beans begin popping again - this is the stage called Second Crack and denotes the full development of the coffee. With the roast flavor very evident, a Medium-Dark Roast usually has a heavy body, and the flavor may be spicy, perhaps with a bittersweet tang, subtle chocolate and caramel flavors, and hints of smokiness. The acidity is lower than a Light Roast or Medium Roast.

In a Medium-Dark Roast the coffee beans become slightly shiny as oils begin to rise to the surface of the coffee beans, which take on a darker brown, somewhat satiny appearance.

Medium-Dark Roasts are also referred to as After-Dinner Roast, Dark-Brown Roast, Full-City Roast, Full Roast, Light Espresso Roast, Light French Roast, High Roast, North Italian Roast, and Viennese Roast.