The Mythic Mothman of Point Pleasant

The Mythic Mothman of Point Pleasant

The Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. In November of 1966, two young couples both reported seeing a man sized giant bird with reflective red eyes and a 10 foot wing span. If that wasn’t terrifying enough, one report says that the creature CHASED after their car. 

In November 1966, a young couple reported that the Mothman chased their car while on a highway in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Sightings continued to December 1967 and culminated during the collapse of the Silver Bridge. Local folklore has it that the Mothman was seen around the bridge right before the collapse. Did it cause the collapse? Or was it trying to warn of imminent danger?

The popularity of the Mothman continues to intrigue authors and filmmakers all the way to today. The town has even erected a statue to commemorate the Mothman and holds annual festivals where thousands of people descend on the town.

Over time, it’s been excused as a crane outside of it’s migration path. But would a solitary bird act this way? You be the judge.

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