Blucifer: The Deadly Demon Horse of Denver

Blucifer: The Deadly Demon Horse of Denver

Beware the demon horse with eyes a-glow
That seem to follow wherever you go

If you’re a Colorado native or have driven out to Denver International Airport, you’ve undoubtedly seen him. He’s hard to miss, a giant 32 foot tall blue horse reared up with glowing red eyes! 

Officially called “Mustang” and installed in 2008. What you may not know is that the sculpture earned it’s nickname by killing it’s creator, Luis Jimenez. Shortly after completing the head, part of the structure fell on him, severing an artery and causing him to bleed to death. The artist's studio ended up completing the statue and installing it. 

DIA has long been the center of so many conspiracy theories and “Blucifer” has added to them. Some believe that the sculpture is cursed, some believe that the eyes are portals to hell. Jimenez installed the lights in the eyes as a tribute to his own father who worked in neon lighting.

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